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Healthy habits are great.

Healthy habits means you do things with little / no conscious effort that generates you positive results.

Habits put you in the autopilot mode, allowing you to get into the flow state and generate momentum :)


Autopilot mode can also make you miss key events / opportunities that’s currently happening around you.

Let’s call reacting to current events / opportunities the pilot mode.

The key then is to strive for the SWITCH MODE between the autopilot and the pilot mode

Switch mode ≠ Balance

Switch mode is not the same as balance.

Balance between two extremes means you are in the middle, which makes you neither.

Switch mode means going all-in on one end of the spectrum at a given time and going all-in on the other end of the spectrum at another given time.

From what I have seen, majority of the people are in the middle, balancing between the two extremes. They are forming habits AND reacting to current events / opportunities at the same time which means that they end up generating low results because they are trying to optimise for two opposite factors.

It’s like trying to stay on a healthy diet and drinking alcohol to be social everyday… It’s not going to work!

Switch mode between autopilot and pilot mode

So when should you be in autopilot mode and pilot mode?

Autopilot mode should account for most of the time. This is the execution mode. The mode that generates results and actually push you forward.

Pilot mode should be at least once per week to reflect and review what you have done so far and whether you should make adjustments or not. If you catch yourself making decisions, you are most probably in pilot mode.

It’s hard to switch from autopilot mode to pilot mode so make it a habit / block out time to get into pilot mode. Pilot mode is like a multiplier to your autopilot mode!

Sometimes, given current situations / opportunities, it’s best to remove autopilot mode completely and just be in pilot mode to take advantages of timed opportunities!

Timing is greater than habits. You can be in habits most of the time but when timing is right and opportunities are here, remove the habits and go all-in trying to capture this opportunity.

🔥 Actionable Knowledge

Switching between autopilot and pilot mode takes practice! I suggest starting with weekly review, where once a week (usually on Sunday), you will sit down and reflect your entire week and figure out whether you need to change up your autopilot’s strategy or not :)

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