#039 | Daily Journals (Notion Template)

One new actionable knowledge each week to help you take more actions and live more intentionally, all towards happiness in life ❤️

Hey friends,

In most games, there are something called the logbook.

The logbook is simple — it tracks all your actions (decisions) and results.

I never really look at the logbooks because who really wants to look at what actions they have taken in the past in a game… I just want to play the game!

But in real life, it can be useful to analyse the logbook to evaluate your actions and derive lessons from them so that you can better play the game in the future.

So… what is the logbook equivalent in the game of life?


Specifically, Life Journals and In-domain Journals.

Life journals — daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, decisions, experiments, etc

In-domain journals — tracking workouts, tracking study progress, tracking climbing routines, etc

Now logbooks are automatically created in games but in the game of life, that’s not the case 🙁

You need to manually track your data before you can even invest time into understanding it.

This is not easy.

The frictions is high.

Sometimes I don’t want to do it because I rather execute than reflecting.

But the ROI is worth it.

Reflecting leads to better execution.

This is how you become more self-aware.

This is how you become more efficient.

This is how you become more robust.

So start journalling! 🔥

🔥 Actionable Knowledge

Start from the ground —> Daily Journalling. Here’s the template that I use for my daily journalling — 5 - 10 minutes in the morning and evening ✍🏻

Morning 🦁

Today is a bonus day on earth. Make good use of it!

Brainstorm the Most Important Question (MIQ) of the day


I am grateful for...

Goals and Dreams Affirmation — 2 MAX

Top 3 Outcomes for Today

What could go wrong today that's under my control to turn great?


A more free and courageous day would look like...


I am...


Night 🐺

Your last day on earth is coming to an end. Have you made it a great day?

Three Wins

Homework for Life — Storyworthy Moment of the Day


Today, I learned...


To make today and future days better, I could have done...


What's the MIQ for the subconscious mind?


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Thanks for reading everyone. Have a good week ahead! 🎮

All the best,

Ryan O

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