#038 | You are a gaming character

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Hey friends,

Game of Life sounds great.

But how does it translates to real-world practicality?

One way that works for me is to see yourself as a unique gaming character in the game of life… with personal traits and skills.

You, as a character, have different skills at different levels.

If you ever play the game Sims, you will know this :) Below is a picture of some of the skills you can train your character in Sims:

This is how I apply Game of Life to my own life.

I choose what skills I want to level up and I go execute!

Fitness. Basketball. Gym. Chess. Poker. Rubik’s Cube. BJJ. Krav Maga. Muay Thai. Personal Finance. Cryptos. NFTs. Economics. Computer Science. Masters. PhD. MBA. Some are in the pipeline and some are in progress.

Bouldering will start in October 2021 - March 2022 (6 months).

The fun for me is picking up these skills in real life and constantly striving to improve them :) just as how people do it in the game Sims except everything is in real life!

There’s also a strong underlying mechanism in play here and that is by seeing yourself as a gaming character, you automatically have a strong growth mindset.

Leveling up your gaming characters comes very naturally to video gamers but in real life, many people have limiting beliefs that stops them from believing they can do something.

By seeing yourself as a gaming character, anything is possible as long as you decided you want to do it.

Another aspect of Game of Life in real-world is studying the space and community sharing of knowledge and experience.

If you ever play DOTA, you would know that there are certain items you should get for different heroes that you choose to play. Below is an example of an item guide for the DOTA hero Shadow Fiend:

In real-life, when leveling up certain skills, you want to a) research different guides and / or create your own guide and b) speak to experts / community.

Guides in real life are books, videos, podcasts, articles, and so on.

But the problem with researching these guides is that there are so many noise out there aka information overload.

When you look at entrepreneurship guides, there are so many good books and podcasts out there but we have limited time to consume the information.

That’s why I am working on Zeroton to solve the problem of information overload so that you can have credible guides to take actions and achieve your goals. (More on this in October 2021)

🔥 Actionable Knowledge

List 1 - 3 skills that you want to level up. Define the level you want to achieve and work towards coming up with a reliable guide that allows you to achieve it.

For example:

I chose Bouldering. The level I want to achieve is to get to V7 level in 6 months. Currently researching the space (guides) to make sure I can devise a plan to hit that level in 6 months.

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Thanks for reading everyone. Have a good week ahead! 🎮

All the best,

Ryan O

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