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Hey friends,

Recently I joined an entrepreneurship cohort and as part of the ice-breaker, we have to talk about something we are passionate about for 1 minute…

For me, that would be Lifestyle Gamification.

Gamifying life is something that I am very passionate about.

I could go on for hours and hours about it.


I realised that I struggle to summarise what it is without going into too much details or oversharing my own personal experience…

Saying lifestyle gamification is simply treating life like a game is like saying stoicism is simply focusing only on things you can control…

It’s not wrong but it’s way more than that…

My goal with this week’s newsletter is to come up with a 1-minute explanation of what lifestyle gamification is (around 130 words) and hopefully I can make you see why I am so excited about it…

Lifestyle gamification, at the highest level, is simply treating life like a game. But it’s much more than there. At the macro level, just like any games, you have an ultimate objective. In the game of life, the ultimate objective is to reach above your minimum happiness threshold level, which it’s the minimum happiness you need to be happy in life! In order to start working towards this threshold level, you need to first know what makes you happy, aka self-awareness. Only once you have figured it out will you start the game of life.

At the micro level, you are the player of the game of life. As a player, you have different traits, personalities, and knowledge. Your goal is to obtain knowledge to discover yourself. You only make progress in the game of life when you learn more about yourself; learn what makes you happy. Once you “figured” out what makes you happy, you laser-focus your effort into maximising it. When you lose what makes you happy, you go back to rediscovering yourself. You keep doing this until you die.

In the game of life, nothing matters besides reaching your minimum happiness threshold level. In the game of life, there’s only one competition — who’s the happiest. In the game of life, the competition doesn’t matter and everyone whose happiness level is above their own minimum threshold is the winner of the game of life.

🔥 Actionable Knowledge

Think about what makes you happy. Constantly revisit that question. That question is more important than any projects you are working on right now; because that question is the key to starting the game of life 👾

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