#033 | Being of Sound Mind

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Hey friends,

A place can be quiet but still be noisy; for if your internal state is filled with noise, emotions, and fear, you will always be disturb by something and won’t be able to get to a calm and quiet state.

No voice is louder than your inner voice.

The noise of vice, pleasure, greed, ambitions, etc. can only harm us if we let them dictate our inner voice.

Most fears only exist in our minds.

The goal in life is “simple”.

To reach tranquillity.

Not by removing external noises for that’s outside of our control but to quiet our internal voices.

Real tranquillity is the state reached by an unperverted mind when it is relaxed — Seneca

What to do then?

First step is to have the courage to face the fear. Actively put yourself in uncomfortable situation. Use the power of the crowd and external noise to practice finding your internal peace.

Second step is awareness. When your mind starts wondering at what others are saying or unforeseeable events are causing you lots off emotions, there’s the sign that your mind is unease and there’s a deeply rooted reason for why that’s the case.

Third step is to find that deeply rooted reason. Why did what he said causes me to feel X? Why did this event Y causing me so much anxiety?

🔥 Actionable Knowledge

Ask yourself three questions:

  1. What causes you to be most uncomfortable? most fear? most angry? most upset?

  2. Why is that the case? What’s the reason behind these emotions and uneasiness?

  3. What can I do to change this?

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