#030 | The Only Goal in Life that Matters

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Hey friends,

I am a huge advocate of lifestyle gamification; the game of life. It’s how I see the world; it’s how I see others; it’s how I see everything!

It’s far from complete but I am constantly on the look out for things to add to it, to help me better navigate the game of life.

Maybe one day, when the time is right, I will share it with the world 👾

But for now, let me share with you guys the most important aspect of the game of life.

What’s the ultimate objective of the game of life?

To maximise Happiness.

That’s it.

Everyone on EARTH, their objective is to be as happy as they can be throughout their lives.

If that means being selfless and helping others, then that’s your form of happiness.

If that means chasing large ambitious goals that require great sacrifices, then that’s your form of happiness.

If that means sacrificing your happiness for the happiness of your future generations, then that’s your form of happiness.

The ONLY progress in life is happiness

So how do you measure happiness?

You can’t. Or at least I am not even sure you can. If we can measure happiness, that would be the only REAL competition that exists in life, where everyone would compete with each other to become the happiest.

But what I have come to understand is as follows:

Happiness requires inner peace, which requires self-awareness.

6 years ago, I asked myself two questions, that retrospectively, have given me a good starting point towards the journey of self-awareness; the journey of happiness:

  1. What’s the kind of person I would be the happiest and proud of to be when I reach 100 years old?

  2. What’s the kind of things that I would be the happiest and proud of to achieve when I reach 100 years old?

The first question is about my identity; my inner values and principles.

The second question gives me a clue of what activities would match my identity.

In short, life is about finding out what makes you happy and then go do that thing that makes you happy. That’s it.

You only make progress in life when you become clearer on what that thing that makes you happy.

🔥 Actionable Knowledge

Finding out what makes you happy is the only real progress in life. As many successful people have said:

Go out there and taste many different things so that you can figure out what you like and dislike; what you are passionate about and what you hate; what you are good at and what you are bad at; and most importantly, what you can derive the most happiness from. Once you find that thing, go all in.

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Thanks for reading everyone. Have a good week ahead! 🎮

All the best,

Ryan O

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