#020 | My First PhD Paper Submission Experience

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Hey friends,

A small reflective newsletter this week on my first ever PhD paper submission experience for the EMNLP 2021 conference. It has been a somewhat stressful few weeks chasing this deadline but there were few lessons that I thought it’s worth sharing, particularly if you are currently under high stressful situation.

  1. Forward Thinking, Future Self, and Mental Stability — We are very good at retrospective thinking, looking back at certain major events and thinking to ourselves, how did we not see that coming, it’s so obvious that doing X will eventually lead to Y 🤦🏻‍♂️ But the truth is, we can pick up these obvious signs if we just do forward thinking and imagine what our future self would look like if we just continue doing what we have been doing. When I was writing the paper, I was constantly doing forward projecting, not just on the workload and progress, but more importantly, on my mental stability. The goal for me is to always maintain a stable mental state that allows me to perform effectively and under pressure. If you are not stable internally, the external chaos will overwhelm you.

  2. Turn external chaos into positivity — This is more of a mindset thing. Don’t see chaos as “oh my life is such a mess right now”, see it as “I am experience this cause I am pushing myself to do things that’s slightly beyond me right now. This is as expected. It’s very normal and if I overcome this, I will become stronger and better for my next challenge”. FYI - this is not an easy thing to adopt but daily / weekly reflections can help, where you take a step back and really evaluate the situation through positive lens.

  3. Don’t throw away the “unimportant” stuff — Unless you are under extreme situations, you should always find time to do things that you enjoy and take time and mind off the main deadline. Go out and meet friends, workout, watch some shows, relax and take your time and mind off the project(s). When you establish your routine to chase the deadline, make sure the routine includes “winding down” time. This is extremely important to maintain mental stability.

This week I am reading:

  1. The Laws of Human Nature (26th Apr - In Progress)

  2. Models (21st May - 23rd May)

Total: 35 / 26 books | 3 / 26 level 4 notes | 2 / 12 actions

❓Question of the Week

How do you usually cope with stress?

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💡 Quote of the Week

Optimism is the best bet for most people because the world tends to get better for most people most of the time. But pessimism holds a special place in our hearts. Pessimism isn’t just more common than optimism. It also sounds smarter. It’s intellectually captivating, and it’s paid more attention than optimism, which is often viewed as being oblivious to risk — The Psychology of Money

🔥 Recommendation(s) of the Week

For May 2021, we are working on new habits that surrounds the theme of wellness and health. This involves forming at least one of the three daily habits:

  1. Read for at least 2 minutes

  2. Exercise for at least 2 minutes

  3. Sleep for at least 7 hours

If you are interested in joining May’s Habit of the Month challenge, please join Zeroton’s Slack Channel here.

🔦 AI Research - List of Papers on Link Prediction

  1. Link Prediction on a Heterogeneous Knowledge Base

  2. LowFER: Low-rank bilinear pooling for link prediction

  3. A Re-evaluation of Knowledge Graph Completion Methods

  4. Generative adversarial zero-shot relational learning for knowledge graphs

  5. Few-shot knowledge graph completion

  6. KG-BERT: BERT for knowledge graph completion

  7. Meta relational learning for few-shot link prediction in knowledge graphs

  8. On multi-relational link prediction with bilinear models

  9. SimplE embedding for link prediction in knowledge graphs

  10. One-shot relational learning for knowledge graphs

🎥 This Week on YouTube

Due to unforeseeable challenges, there will be no new youtube video this week! I will try to get back up to speed as soon as possible. Meanwhile, here are some of my previous videos 😊

That’s it for this week! I hope you find something useful from this newsletter. More to come next Sunday! Have a good week ahead! 🎮

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